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the games i play

"The Games I Play" is an arrangement of the song from William Finn and James Lapine's musical Falsettos. For this project, I expanded the original four-piece orchestration into an ensemble of 15 players. 

Falsettos is a show that is very close to my heart, and it was a gateway to the more obscure side of musical theatre I was dying to explore at a young age. It is a privilege to be able to bring my vision to this song.

Click here to view the score.

"The Games I Play" from Falsettos

Music and Lyrics by William Finn

Book by James Lapine

Original Orchestrations by Michael Starobin

Video recorded in May 2019 at Berklee College of Music. Conducted by Eli Schildkraut.

Vocals - Aaron Dix

Reeds - Andres Ayola, Grace-Mary Burega, Aidan Donnelly, Zander Sugarman, Collin Vodicka 

Trumpet - Wonchul Do, Jake Hardwick

Trombone - Arjan Dogra, Jacob Pini

Violins - Emily Gelineau, Brandon Jackson, Tim Smith

Viola - Arjan Dogra, Mels Wynne

Cello - Benjamin Eyink, Christian Kay

Guitar - Jesse Timm

Piano - Thomas Michaels

Bass - Jack Schwenke

Drums - Henry Godfrey

Percussion - Maxx Wolski

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